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Entegris GmbH

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Visit our booth & join our session ‘Connecting Automotive To SiC Manufacturing’

Company profile

Every day, and for more than 50 years, our singular mission has been to help customers utilize our advanced, science-based solutions to support a safer workplace; to innovate faster and more efficiently; and ultimately to transform the world highlighting in particular:

- Filtration products

- Liquid systems and components

- Gas delivery systems

- Advanced liquid, gaseous, and solid precursors for CVD and ALD processes

- Advanced materials for wafer surface preparation and integration and chemical mechanical planarization

(CMP) cleaning applications

- Specialty chemistries

- Slurries

- Specialty coatings

- Premium graphite and silicon carbide

- Wafer carriers and shippers

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Entegris GmbH
Hugo-Junkers-Ring 5, Gebäude 107/W, 01109 Dresden, Germany