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DP Patterning AB

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Dry Phase Patterning - Next Gen, sustainable Flex PCB manufacturing technology!

Company profile

With our globally unique Dry Phase Patterning machine system, DPP 360, producers of electronics can bring the production of flexible circuit boards in-house, integrated with final assembly, instead of relying on suppliers. Replacing hazardous traditional chemical etching processes in distant countries with a versatile mechanical Roll-to-Roll process, this cost-efficient and game-changing solution enables efficient green-tech production. It simplifies the production process by cutting lead times, as well as significantly reducing transports and waste management. Today we support manufacturers in the Automotive, LED lighting and RFID sectors, while continuously researching and developing new system solutions to individual customer requirements. DP Patterning is based in Norrköping, Sweden. 


DP Patterning AB
Södra Grytsgatan 4, 602 33 Norrköping, Sweden
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