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DELO Industrial Adhesives

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DELO develops innovative adhesives for semiconductor & electronics manufacturing

Company profile

DELO is a leading manufacturer of high-tech adhesives and other multifunctional materials as well as dispensing and curing technology. Its products are mainly used in the automotive, consumer electronics, and semiconductor industries. They can be found in almost every mobile phone and in most cars worldwide, e.g., in cameras, loudspeakers, electric motors, or sensors. Our semiconductor adhesives are developed to bond and encapsulate bare silicon dies, packages and SMT components and to optimize performance of the final application. We provide a wide range of reinforcement, die attach and encapsulation solutions as well as adhesives for the airtight-sealing of sensor packages that also improve reliability. With our international offices, we are represented worldwide – we are where you are!


DELO Industrial Adhesives
Delo-Allee 1, 86949 Windach, Germany
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