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ADT is specialized in the development and manufacturing of systems and blades.

Company profile

Advanced Dicing Technologies (ADT) is a world leading manufacturer of comprehensive solutions for complexed dicing applications in the semiconductor, microelectronic and optical components industries, with over 40 years of experience.

ADT Dicing saw lines offer a variety of capabilities, configurations, and levels of automation, as well as unique solutions for special applications.

In addition, ADT offers dicing peripheral equipment and accessories, such as wafer cleaning system, water recycling system, spindle water chiller, semi-auto wafer mounting and more.

ADT's high quality dicing blades range includes resin, metal sintered, nickel and hub blades. Supporting the ever-growing customer requirements, ADT's blades are the perfect dicing solution for various materials and substrates, such as: QFN & BGA packages, ceramics, glass and more.