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ACI Laser GmbH

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ACI is a manufacturer of laser systems for material marking and laser trimming.

Company profile

ACI Laser GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes compact laser machine tools – primarily for efficient and precise material marking and for laser trimming in the industrial sector.

As a turnkey all-in-one solution, ACI offers a selection of protective housings which guarantee safe operation of the laser system in accordance with laser safety class 1. The laser systems can be used both as flexible manual workstations as well as integration components for use in automated systems. The Workstations can be combined with all lasers from ACI depending on the application and their functions can be extended with the addition of vision systems, code and ID reader systems, as well as various axis solutions.


ACI Laser GmbH
Steinbrüchenstraße 14, 99428 Grammetal, Germany