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Teknek, the global leader in contact cleaning technology, has released its new market leading hand roller Tek-HR - ‘Designed for Performance, People, the Planet’.

Demand for contact cleaning in electronic and industrial assembly is growing as “Zero Defects” becomes ever more important. Hand Rollers are widely used across many industries to remove contamination caused by the manufacturing and assembly process, but how do these products impact the working and the wider environment?

Few if any manufacturers consider operator productivity, comfort and safety. In many industrial regions of the world ergonomics is becoming ever more important as the impact of operator injury grows. Repetitive Strain Injury costs many lost days of production and effects efficiency, not to mention added costs when employees seek compensation. Hand rollers for cleaning are just like any other hand tool, careful consideration needs to be given to how they are used and the impact on the user.

Teknek’s Tek-HR is different, the handle is fluid and tactile, it is strong yet very light. Its design makes use of extensive research of how the human hand grips. Using contemporary grip theory and taxonomy a design which works with the human hand was created. The unique shape means operator efficiency increases whilst fatigue and strain injury decreases.

When designing their new hand roller in addition to improving the health of operators Teknek also considered its environmental impact. Teknek has adopted the OECD sustainable manufacturing framework which has far reaching implications for its products and processes. Aluminium was chosen as the primary material for the Tek-HR as it can provide the mechanical properties needed whilst being very robust, light weight, and most importantly infinitely recyclable.

Tek-HR is designed for Performance, People, and the Planet.

Long lasting, high performance, easy to use and kind to the environment.

Tek-HR a hand roller for the future.

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