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SECS/GEM for the semiconductor fab

Polytec expands its portfolio in the field of semiconductor measurement technology with the automation software of the US company eInnoSys. The comprehensive EI-GEM software family enables customer-specific software solutions for OEMs and semiconductor factories associated with the SECS/GEM protocol. The platform and technology-independent protocol, which is widely utilised in the semiconductor industry, is used for communication between the semiconductor device and the fab host. It defines data transmission, conditions and scenarios for controlling and monitoring fab equipment through factory host applications.

In addition to Plug-n-Play software libraries, eInnoSys offers the rather unique EI-GEM box, which enables systems for SECS/GEM without any software installation on the controller PC.

Polytec offers application consulting, sales and service from a single source for the complete eInnoSys software in the German-speaking area.

For further information, please visit: www.polytec.com/einnosys

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