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ZS-Handling – „Number One“ in Contactless Handling with Ultrasonic Levitation

Company profile

Roughly summarized, ZS-Handling GmbH is a manufacturer for non-contact handling systems using ultrasonic levitation. Our unique ultrasonic bearing technology makes it possible

  • to grip workpieces even on the top side - without touching them.
  • to lift components and gently guide them along defined paths without contact.
  • to avoid micro-scratches, particles, marks, and cracks

Our products are mainly used where contact-sensitive workpieces are transported and are in the need of minimal measurable stress, even at high production speeds. For example, these are the following industries:

  • Glasses, flat screens, thin film technology
  • Semiconductors and photovoltaics
  • Foil and battery production
  • Printing and packaging technology.

Further information at zs-handling.com or at B1.464.