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Walter Lemmen GmbH

Walter Lemmen GmbH
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WALTER LEMMEN GmbH - PCB Electroplating Equipment - Surface Technology

Company profile

Manufacturer of units and equipment for the production of printed circuit boards, Multilayer, ceramic substrates and chemical milled parts for prototypes and small series:

  • Spraydeveloper, sprayetcher, spraystripper units
  • PTH units (Through-hole-plating)
  • Surface finishing
  • Multilayer press
  • UV exposure units, LDI direct imaging systems
  • Cutting machines, Laminators, Brushing machines
  • Filmplotter
  • Drilling and routing machines
  • Ovens and continuous dryers
  • Waste-Water-Treatment units

Manufacturer of electroplating and electroless plating rack and barrel treatment units for decorative and functional surfaces.

Wastewater-Treatment and Filtration 

Engineering and services for electroplating, PCB and filter technology.

Consumables and accessories.

Product presentations

PTH unit (through-hole-plating) COMPACTA

PTH unit (through-hole-plating) COMPACTA

Products and services


Walter Lemmen GmbH
Birkenstr. 13, 97892 Kreuzwertheim, Germany
+49 9342 21156
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Walter Lemmen GmbH
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Walter Lemmen GmbH
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Walter Lemmen GmbH