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Technic France

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TECHNIC Advanced Engineered solutions for the electronics.

TECHNIC is a Global Leader in Specialty Chemicals, Surface Finishing Equipment, Engineered Powders and Analytical Controls.

Expert in advanced chemicals processes for Semi-conductor manufacturing from FEOL to far back end.

TECHNIC team develops, customizes , manufactures & optimizes enabling technologies & processes in the following fields of expertise:

- Photoresist stripping : TechniStrip®

- Cleaning and residues removing: TechniClean

- Selective etchants: TechniEtch

- Ultra-High purity chemicals: Micropur

- Wafer plating processes: Elevate®

- Plating bath monitoring: RTA®

Technic provides long term, sustainable & global services with Semiconductor grade products (SEC*) responding to the most stringent specifications in terms of performance and HSE compliances.
*SEC- Strip Etch Clean


Technic France
15 rue de la Montjoie BP 79, 93212 La Plaine Saint Denis, France