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SPEKTRA GmbH Dresden

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Final Test Systems, accredited calibration solutions, systems and lab services.

Company profile

SPEKTRA GmbH Dresden, Germany was founded in 1994 and is a renowned manufacturer of components and systems for the testing and calibration of sensors. The products of the family business are used worldwide for the reliable measurement of dynamic physical quantities such as vibration, acceleration, sound pressure or alternating charge.

In 2008, SPEKTRA merged with the manufacturer of long-stroke  vibration  exciters, APS Dynamics. TBundled forces help develop new generations of even more powerful vibration control systems.

The company‘s calibration laboratory is accredited by DAkkS and offers a wide range of calibration services. 

SPEKTRA is often pioneer when it comes to the development, manufacturing or distribution of measuring and testing systems as well as calibration equipment.


SPEKTRA GmbH Dresden
Heidelberger Str. 12, 01189 Dresden, Germany
+49 351 4002499
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Mr. Frank Schulz
Contact sales
Mr. Michael Mende
Product Manager Calibration Solutions
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Mr. Ingolf Leidert
Product Manager Device Testing