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Reel Company GmbH

Reel Company GmbH
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Tape & Reel Service: Tubes/Trays/loose parts/Wafer - no problem for us.

Company profile

Reel Company GmbH, since 1989 a specialist for the safe and efficient packaging of surface mount devices as a prerequisite for the automatic placement on printed circuit boards.

SMD Taping & Reeling automatic / half automatic with marking and 2D / 3D inspections acc. DIN EN-60296 ff or EIA 481. Standard and customer specific components or DIEs size 0,28 – 8 mm directly from sawn wafer 4“ - 12“ with wafermapping / ink-sorting in SMD Tape.

Baking of components, all MS-Levels acc. JEDEC-J-STD.00, vacuum package acc. MIL-Spec.

Component preparation (cutting, bending) radial / axial - taping

Programming of all common components.

Taping & Reeling materials as carrier tapes (standard or customer specific), cover tapes, Klik Reels, shielding bags, HIC, Pizza boxes, etc.

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Reel Company GmbH
Am Reiterzentrum 4, 91522 Ansbach, Germany
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