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Plastronics Sockets & Connectors

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Testsockets, Contact pins and Connectors

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Plastronics is a leading global provider of technology and innovation for semiconductor reliability testing, meeting the industry’s Burn-In socket needs for more than 40 years. We offer complete, reliable test socket solutions for the latest packaged devices and have the most comprehensive QFN catalog in the world, as well as finished sockets for Burn-In, HAST, humidity testing, failure analysis and other test requirements for leaded, LGA and BGA devices.

Based on our self-developed high performance contact elements, we also offer customer-specific contacting solutions that you can realize a perfect design for your products.

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Plastronics Sockets & Connectors
2601 Texas Drive, Irving, TX 75062, USA
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Mr. Larry Furman
Business Development
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Mr. Steve Durrett
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Mr. Kevin Koontz
Technical Sales Manager