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Plasmatreat GmbH

Plasmatreat GmbH
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International leader in developm. & manufacturing of atmospheric plasma systems

Company profile

Plasmatreat is an international leader in the development and manufacture of atmospheric plasma systems for the pretreatment of substrate surfaces. Whether plastic, metal, glass or paper - the industrial use of plasma technology modifies the properties of the surface in favor of the process requirements.

Openair-Plasma® technology is used in automated and continuous manufacturing processes in almost every industrial sector. Examples include the automotive, electronics, transportation, packaging, consumer goods and textile industry, but the technology, cost and environmental advantages of the plasma technology are used in medical technology and in the renewable energy sector as well.

The Plasmatreat Group has technology centers in Germany, USA, Canada, China, and Japan.

Product presentations

Plasma surface treatment in semiconductor manufacturing

Plasma surface treatment in semiconductor manufacturing


Plasmatreat GmbH
Queller Straße 76-80, 33803 Steinhagen, Germany
+49 5204 9960-33
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