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Musashi Engineering Europe GmbH

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Musashi’s Dispensing Systems:

Precise, efficient and fast - all the dispensing you will ever need, just the way you need it.

Whether it is hotmelt, solder paste or possibly sugar coating that you need to apply,

Whether your workpiece is made of nooks and crannies, round surfaces or cup cake dough,

Whether you require coating, nano-sized dots, gap-filling or "Happy Birthday” written in a fancy script,

We at Musashi Engineering understand that every application comes with its specific demands on machinery, surrounding conditions and support. Therefore we take pride in working out dispensing solutions for almost any application - and in providing enough support to make sure you can use our products in the way that is most efficient for you.


Musashi Engineering Europe GmbH
Marcel-Breuer-Straße 15, 80807 München, Germany