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MUEGGE GmbH – industrial microwave and plasma systems

Company profile

MUEGGE is a leading supplier of scalable plasma technology for Photovoltaic, Flat Panel Display and Semiconductor applications as well as Remote Plasma Source (RPS) applications in the Semiconductor and MEMS markets.

MUEGGE has a strong expertise in Strip/Removal tools which enable a fast dry etch process for SU-8, KMPR and PMMA.

Further examples of MUEGGE's stripping applications are in the "Semiconductor Backend" area as Stress Relief Etching after Grinding and Recess Etching for the Through Silicon Via Technology (3D integration).

In the "Semiconductor Frontend" MUEGGE offers a Remote Plasma Source for isotropic etching of Silicon and Silicon compounds, as well as scalable plasma arrays for plasma enhanced deposition and chamber cleaning.