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Expertise in photolithography: mask aligners, maskless equipement & 3D printer

Company profile

Since 2001, Kloe offers the global range of photolithography equipment: from uv-led exposure-masking system and mask aligner to direct laser writing machines and high resolution 3D printer.

Our equipment offer some great technological breakthrough:

  • a real vectorial mode of writing and dynamically controlled stages for our Dilase range of maskless equipment
  • a cold monochromatic UV-LED source and a unrivalled quality of collimation for our UV-KUB range of masker and mask aligner
  • the capability to create large volume objects (100x100x50mm3) with a very high resolution (<5µm) for our high resolution 3D printer Dilase 3D

Deployed all over the world, Kloe’s photolithography machines answer the specifications of researchers in microelectronics, semiconductor manufacturing, MEMS, microfluidics.