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innoSEP GmbH

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Democratize industrial AI | no-code Analytics Platform for Citizen Data Science

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Approximately 42% of AI projects in the industry fail due to talent  shortage of tech-savvy professionals, who can handle the ever-growing demand of a data-driven business culture. In order to sustainably increase the success of analytics incentives, topics such as “Empowerment” or „Citizen Data Science“ will undoubtedly become more important facing the lack of talents and company-wide acceptance. Linking to that, innoSEP operates a collaborative no-code platform for the entire analytics lifecycle to transform non-coders to citizen data scientists. Users can build and maintain their specific industrial AI Apps in self-service through a visual interface, role-oriented workflow, and guided product modules.



innoSEP GmbH
Hanomaghof 2, 30449 Hannover, Germany

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