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Eltroplan Engineering GmbH

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Vientum Room air purification device with ion technology

Measurably pure air in your rooms.

The technology used in our device is inspired by nature. We experience the effect of ionization after a thunderstorm because water and oxygen molecules in the air are ionized and attach to all germs in the air.

Our solution: activate air, deactivate viruses.

We deactivate dust particles and aerosols in front of the filter, and thus the viruses that adhere to them, before they can spread throughout the room.

The advantages:

  • Makes up to 99% of all viruses and bacteria harmless
  • Provides immediate and verifiable protection
  • Effectiveness can be measured
  • Is resource-saving
  • Works very quietly
  • Meets standards of Hessen, Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, VDI
  • Functional evidence from ILM, Fraunhofer Institute, TÜV Süd



Eltroplan Engineering GmbH
Vogesenstr. 7, 79346 Endingen, Germany
+49 7642 9049-49