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Supporting the Electronics Industry – Machines, Consumables, Services

Company profile

Ecopmin Hungary Ltd. is part of Ecopmin Technologies’ global network. Ecopmin Technologies is a manufacturer, supplier, distributor of world class PCB assembly products & Consumables having business locations including R&D and manufacturing sites also in India, South Korea, Malaysia.

Ecopmin’s widening portfolio among others includes a range of:

Automatic Splicing Machines

Stencil & Squeegee Inspection Machines

Laser Marking Machines

Degassing Machines – to ensure quality of coating

Cleaning Machines – for stencils, nozzles, PCBs, palettes, etc cleaning

Reflow Oven Inspection Tools – Reflow Inline Camera, Oxygen Analyser, Temperature & Vibration Checkers

KYZEN Cleaning Solutions – cleaning fluids for stencil-, PCB-, palette- & maintenance cleaning

Consumable Materials for SMT