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Annealsys: Rapid Thermal Processing and Direct Liquid Injection CVD systems

Company profile

Annealsys is a global supplier of Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP and RTCVD) and Direct Liquid Injection Deposition (CVD and ALD) systems. We supply companies and laboratories for MEMS, sensors, optoelectronics, telecommunication, power and discrete devices applications.

Annealsys pushes the limits of RTP with high temperature and high vacuum capabilities, fast cooling and pulse annealing mode for processing thermally sensitive substrates.

Our Direct Liquid Injection deposition tools have been developed for deposition of multi metallic oxides, 2D materials, metals and more.These systems allow using the widest range of organometallic chemicals like low vapor pressure and thermally unstable precursors.

We provide high reliability and high quality tools and outstanding customer support.