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amcoss GmbH

amcoss GmbH
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Smart, custom-made equipment & solutions for competitive single wafer processing

Company profile

amcoss GmbH is an innovative High-Tech company in the semiconductor and microsystems technology industry.

More than 80% of all manufacturers of microchips and semiconductors for communication and consumer electronics worlwide, as well as well-known research and development organisations are amongst our customers.

According to a rating of Dun & Bradstreet, amcoss is amongst the best 4% of all companies in Austria in matters of its financial rations (e.g. credit rating). Our business operations are highly efficient and productive

Company departments:

- Equipment for single- & batch-wafer processing
Coating, developing, cleaning, lift-off, heating/cooling, software, HMDS, temp. control

- Engineering components for optics & mechatronics

- Refurbishment/repair of optical & mechanical components

Product presentations

amr semi-automated single wafer processing

amr semi-automated single wafer processing


amcoss GmbH
Leusbundtweg 49a, 6800 Feldkirch, Austria
+43 5522 20950-9
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