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Wise Srl

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Italian International Technology Leading Company of Wet Processing Equipment


Wise is flexible "Customer Satisfaction Thinking" organization, following the "Quality & Service" philosophy.

Wise has been able to produce the complete range of Wet Processing and pre-treatment Equipment and Automation, made in Stainless steel, Titanium and Polypropylene, requested by PCB manufacturers.

The Company is looking for the future by exploring new technologies to improve the Quality of the board, cost of the process in combination with Benefit to the process in Ecological Optics.

Wonderwise, Plasma pre-treatment new Equipment, is the example of the possibility to improve the quality of the process in the respect of the Ambient & the Earth.

Are you looking for New Investment for the Future of your Company?

be Wise!


Wonderwise Plasma Pre-Treatment Equipment

Wonderwise Plasma Pre-Treatment Equipment


Wise Srl
Strada del Paullo 58/A, 43123 Parma, Italien