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Pac Tech - Packaging Technologies GmbH

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Advanced wafer plating, packaging & solder ball placement equipment


PacTech – Packaging Technologies GmbH is a provider of advanced wafer plating, packaging & solder ball placement equipment. As an innovator of Laser Assisted Solder Jetting & Laser Chip Bonding, PacTech provides solder bonding solutions for semiconductors & additional electronic components, alongside with its turnkey solution for wafer level e-less plating including process, equipment & chemical supplies.

Additionally, PacTech offerssubcontracting services for high volume production & engineering projects on wafer, substrate and chip level out of all PacTech sites

PacTech provides a broad range technology solutions e-less Ni/Au for Flip Chip or WLCSP, e-less Ni/Pd/Au or Ni/Pd UBM OPM for Au or Cu wire bonding, electroplated Cu Pillars, solder balling and many more other back-end services.

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Pac Tech - Packaging Technologies GmbH
Am Schlangenhorst 7-9, 14641 Nauen, Deutschland
+49 3321 4495-124