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The IO-300 is ioTech’s additive manufacturing product line, that can deposit highly viscous materials on large surfaces. The technology is mask-less, nozzle-free and non-contact, with low maintenance costs.

The IO-300 allows dynamic control of volumes, and zero turnaround costs. Up to 6 materials can be deposited concurrently, including polymers, metals and ceramics. Resolutions and accuracies are higher than jet dispensers, and throughputs are comparable to screen printers. 

Including in-system AOI capability, laser pre-treatment, and post-process finishing.

Examples of processes are: printing copper traces, filling vias, depositing solder mask, jetting solder paste, encapsulation, underfills, conformal mask, conductive epoxies, etc.. 


io Tech

io Tech


io Tech
Hama'ayan 2, 7177871 Modi'in, Israel
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Herr Dr Ralph Birnbaum
Director of Business Development
IO Tech