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SmarAct GmbH

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Your partner for high precision in positioning, micro-automation and metrology.


With the development and production of market-leading solutions in the field of high-precision positioning, micro-automation and metrology, SmarAct reliably accompanies their customers in achieving their goals. The broad product portfolio – from single stages to complex parallel kinematics, miniaturized robots, control systems and measurement technology – is completed by automated microassembly solutions. Even the most challenging customer requirements can be met by maximum adaptability and complete in-house production.

Since its founding in 2005, SmarAct has steadily grown from a small team of engineers to a company with more than 180 highly skilled employees. Today, SmarAct draws on years of experience and, above all, on a very passionate team with unconditional customer focus.


SmarAct GmbH
Schütte-Lanz-Str. 9, 26135 Oldenburg, Deutschland
+49 441 80087921