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FINN Test Electronics

FINN Test Electronics
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LED testing made easy! FINN color & intensity sensors... accurate and fast!


LED Testing made easy, fast and accurate! 

FINN sensors take the guesswork out of LED testing.

Our FINN family of color and intensity sensors test all types of LEDs at the board level for both in-circuit and functional testers. 

Test just one LED or up to 254 LEDs at one time with our plug-n-play modules.

Innovative sensors detect over 2000 hues including: 

  • CIE xy
  • CIE uv
  • CCT
  • Dominant wavelength. 

Our sensors are used in many ICT and functional industrial applications including automotive, consumer electronics military, medical, and horticulture. 


FINNtrometer - LED Testing

FINNtrometer - LED Testing


FINN Test Electronics
948 Donata Court, Lake Zurich, IL 60047, USA
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Herr Jerald Stricker
FINN Test Electronics
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FINN Test Electronics