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Osai AS S.p.A.

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OSAI Automation Systems S.p.A. was founded in 1991 and offers innovative solutions for automotive, electronics and semiconductor markets.


Founded in 1991 by Carlo Ferrero, Osai A.S. operates in the field of the automation for industrial processes.

Today, in addition to the Italian headquarter, OSAI has 3 branches located in Germany, China and the United States of America. The branches are assisted by more than 40 commercial partners for resale and assistance. The solutions offered by OSAI are based on standard systems or on special machines for assembly and testing of high-tech components for the semiconductor industry, the automotive industry and electronics manufacturing. Each system is created for the specific customer applications and features the latest technologies, such as Laser technology.

Currently the Company relies on: 170 employees, 6.500 mq of production areas and more than 90% export sales.
The Company operates through 4 business lines:

- Automation Division
- Electronics Division
- Laser Technologies Division
- Semiconductor Division


Osai AS S.p.A.
Via Cartiera 4, 10010 Parella, Italien
+39 0125 6683-01
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Frau Simone Ferraro